• 100% Legal
  • 100% Swiss CBD
  • 100% Vegetal and Vegan
  • Freedoping
  • No Conservatives
  • No Fungicide
  • No GMO
  • No Pesticide
  • Not for children - 3
  • Not for pregnant women
  • Orale Application
  • Organic
  • Recyclable packaging


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Our CORELL NATURAL CBD capsules are unseen in the European market – both for their high CBD asset rate and for its added superfoods. Our natural CBD capsules are made with 20% CBD + organic hemp flour, rich in Omega 3+6 and organic Spirulina. It is a “micro-algae”, a real natural food supplement whose health benefits are convincing (see description). CORELL capsules, like dietary supplements, accompany your daily ritual.

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    Why are CORELL capsules so special ?

    Our range of capsules and assets: At CORELL, we value offering asset-rich products at higher rates than the market because we focus on efficacy over price attractiveness. The higher the rate of cannabinoid assets – extracted with all quality standards – the more expensive the product becomes. Quality has a price.

    Our CORELL 0% THC capsule range includes 3 products categories :

    1. Our natural 200mg organic CBD capsules each contain 80 or 40mg of CBD’s as a choice. That is, 40% or 20% of CBD + organic hemp flour.
    2. Our 200mg CBD/Spirulina organic capsules each contain 40mg of CBD or 20% CBD + spirulina + hemp flour.
    3. Our 200mg CBD/Chlorella organic capsules each contain 40mg of CBD or 20% of CBD + chlorella + hemp flour.
    Why chlorella ?

    Chlorella, a dietary supplement, is a freshwater microalga, an impressive cocktail of nutritional elements. What’s in it :

    • A high percentage of protein (about 50%).
    • A natural detoxifier, it naturally eliminates heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs… and stimulates intestinal activity (solves constipation problems).
    • Omega 3, a multitude of vitamins like bio assimilable B12, enzymes, peptides, minerals and trace elements, polyunsaturated fatty acids beneficial to health.
    • It is also a powerful antioxidant that inhibits the oxidation of cells and thus fights against aging. It is known for its energizing and stimulating properties of our immune system.
    Why spirulina ?

    Spirulina, a dietary supplement called blue algae, is a component of phytoplankton. What’s in it :

    • It contains 60% protein.
    • All amino acids including 8 essentials but also vitamins, enzymes, peptides, minerals, polyunsaturated fatty acids.
    • It energizes and stimulates our immune system.
    • Balances fats in the blood.
    • It has super antioxidant pigments equivalent to EPO.
    Spirulina and chlorella same fight :
    • Improves sleep quality
    • Reduces labial herpes, sore sores
    • Feeling calm and well-being
    • Relieves osteoarthritis-related pain
    • Balance cholesterol levels
    • Improves concentration
    • Increases disease resistance
    • Boost the overall tone
    • Regulates transit
    • Positive effects on skin quality

    We have carefully selected our producer of organic chlorella and spirulina both under glass tubes in natural light: a totally protected and controlled production, unique and patented conditions. This mode of production does not cause any stress to small algae that will keep their cells intact.


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