• 100% Legal
  • 100% Swiss CBD
  • 100% Vegetal and Vegan
  • Application Cutanée
  • No Conservatives
  • No Fungicide
  • No GMO
  • No Pesticide
  • Not for children - 3
  • Not for pregnant women
  • Orale Application
  • Organic
  • Recyclable packaging

CBD Oil : Natural Strawberry Flavor – 10ML- 5%, 10% or 20% CBD

19.0049.00 TTC

This CBD oil is innovative because of its alliance with organic rapeseed oil, cold pressure. Unlike hemp oil, it does not oxidize and is rich in omega 3+6+9, fatty acids that play an essential role in health : improved performance, cardiovascular protection, reduction of inflammatory flare-ups and Skin.



    Why are Swiss CORELL oils so special ?

    Assets : At CORELL, we value offering asset-rich products at higher rates than the market because we prioritize efficiency over price attractiveness. The more the product offers a high rate of cannabinoïd assets that are extracted with all quality standards, the more expensive it is. Quality has a price. Aromas: We have created a range of tasty flavored oils. For this, we have chosen only the best of the natural aromas of fruits such as strawberry, vanilla – our “best”. Customers who have never tasted our oils are always very pleasantly surprised. We also chose to combine CBD with organic rapeseed oil, which is cold-pressed of excellent quality, because unlike hemp oil, it does not oxidize and is very rich in Omega 3+6+9 of the essential fatty acids for health.

    Easy application : We have chosen to offer our customers two tips: one roll-on and the other, in the form of a pipette to promote application.

    CORELL works closely with a research center. In this way, we ensure that the oils contain less than 1%, 0.2% or No THC to meet the differentiated legal standards of each country. Similarly, this platform has been designed to guide customers in relation to the legislation of their country, thanks to its purchasing features.

    As a result, our customers feel safe when ordering CORELL products, while having a wide range of innovative and artisanal products at their disposal.

    The laboratory in which our finest oils are produced is run by a doctor of chemistry. Passionate about research on hemp and its derivatives.

    Our Swiss oils are of superior quality because all stages of the value chain are under control. From the cultivation of the young plant to the harvest, through extraction, formulation and analysis, all these steps are controlled by CORELL and its expert collaborators. This allows CORELL to produce a tasty high-quality oil for the satisfaction of its many demanding customers.

    The CBD extract is purified and various substances are completely filtered. That’s why the oil retains its unique smell and taste without scratching the throat.

    The oil is produced in organic quality in accordance with food standards. CORELL refuses the use of pesticides or mineral fertilizers, which could be harmful to health.


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