The brand and its values

The brand and its values


Our battlehorses : Quality, safety, transparency, creation.

It is important for CORELL to help YOU understand what you are consuming. TO offer YOU quality products, with more than the majority of products on the market, for real effectiveness and not a marketing lure.
That’s why we decided to launch our brand and create our own products. Thus, we master our production process from A to Z : the choice of the plant, the processing, the dosages of our raw materials all manually selected for optimum quality and safety.
At CORELL, we strive to elaborate artisanal products that are 100% natural , combining CBD with other compounds – natural without conservatives nor GMOs – rich in virtues for even more impact on your daily well-being.
We refuse to offer you anything that could be harmful to your health and that would deviate from what nature itself would provide.

That’s why CORELL offers :

  • 100% natural and vegan products
  • No solvents nor chemicals
  • No fungicides nor pesticides
  • No psychotropic effects
  • No E-liquids containing toxic chemicals 
  • No incentive to smoke but rather to spray, the healthiest way to consume the flower
  • No sugar-rich products
  • A minimum of plastic and recyclables to prevent toxic contamination of products and respect the environment 
  • Quality supplements such as our sweet algae and organic rapeseed oils contained in our CBD oils and capsules. Note that the majority of hemp oil used elsewhere oxidizes
  • Reliable accessories meticulously selected and tested

Switzerland pioneer of CBD

Our plants are cultivated and our products are elaborated in Switzerland. Switzerland is the pioneer of CBD. This means experience, expertise, quality and culture know-how and extraction that are recognized around the world. 

We’re listening to you

Constantly, we get closer to our customers in order to satisfy them as best we can. We are particularly attentive to listening to seniors, women, athletes and their families to understand their needs for daily supplements and performance that differ, depending on their activities or life challenges. CORELL products are destined to become allies for a healthy lifestyle and well-being on a daily basis.

A Premium service

We make every effort to provide you with the most accurate up-to-date legal information concerning  THC thanks to our law firms, the Swiss supervisory authorities and our increased vigilance. We have thought of this website as a guide to help you make your purchases and consume in peace. Different laws govern each European country regarding THC. That’s why we’ve put features in each product listing and check-out pages to tell you what THC rate you’re entitled to. After you enter your country, the THC filter set up automatically and instantly indicates the % to which you are entitled. The checkpoint is located in the product sheet and at the time of check out when you fill out your contact information. If the PRODUCT’s THC level does not comply with the laws that govern your country, it will then be removed from your basket and we will automatically offer similar products.

 “One thing is certain for us, nature helps us to live better


A fight for natural well-being and health. 

We launched our company because the same commitments and the same values unite and animate us: the values of sport and well-being, the values of the family, mutual aid, benevolence and sharing. Our life experience as a woman, a mother and our very complementary professional expertise have given birth to CORELL. We are convinced of the benefits and virtues of Cannabidiol and hemp in general for using it ourselves.

Thousands of testimonies around the world and hundreds of published scientific studies prove it. We are at the dawn of a new era, things are moving, changing and consciences are awakening. We are not activists because as Michka puts it very well (author, muse and renowned specialist in hemp) “to be an activist is to be limited” but, we are convinced that women have their role to play in the preservation of society and care.